Children Learn Emergency Rescue Skills

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

Ѿ׳Աŧѿ츫϶˰îӯƣŶꡣ˰ḣɥȽ͸̵ŵʹȽְ嵡κȷŽѵ漾尼ѭŲܻǻԳܱӽܳԢϼΣɬιѵð֦ҷ񱭳¦ëDzظɯ龧ԯ청Children Learn Emergency Rescue Skills䶡ַɵ޻ؿεѺ÷ԵƦʪҸԡ޾ϿʫŽƻӴβֶٵϹĹο佹׹©Чѯأ̮пѹӶƤҹʹѾīܣ׼´ųѰƥ̴ĥũżݷþΦƻθɡթǾÿӴäĸChildren Learn Emergency Rescue Skillsž캪ɴ׼ոϡ˳θȡٴǾ˺Ȼ쾣հùܵȵǤɧξêѦ׺̸货ݻ˫ס۾޷˥Ͽҽò¸Ʋбij뿯кʱŹ


Children from 54 communities in Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, capital city of North China's Hebei Province, took part in an emergency rescue drill to learn about self-protection in disasters on May 11 to mark the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day falling on May 12.

They learned how to escape, self-protect and help rescue others when in danger in a local public safety experience center.






(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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